Full Inspector

Unity Inspector support for all .NET types

Inspect & Serialize Everything

Wouldn't it be awesome if the inspector supported:

  • interfaces/abstract types
  • dictionaries
  • arbitrary generic types
  • properties
  • a proper array / list editor (using Rotorz)
  • tooltips and comments via attributes on fields/properties/types
  • and a whole ton of other features?

With Full Inspector, it does! Further, you get awesome serialization integration with your favorite serialization library, whether is be Full Serializer, Json.NET, protobuf-net, BinaryFormatter, or some other custom serialization solution.

Massively Multiplatform

You shouldn't be limited in your export potential. Full Inspector works wonderfully on Win/Linux/OSX, WebPlayer, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows Store -- all perfectly with Full Serializer.

You're in good hands

You're in good hands with Full Inspector. Hundreds use it and love it. Just check out the reviews.

If you have any issues -- don't worry. Full Inspector comes with some of the best support out there.

Try the trial!

A fully featured trial is available here. It contains all of Full Inspector, but has two primary limitations:

  • Unity will give an error when publishing a build
  • Source code is not available

To install the trial, simply unzip the file and then import the contained unitypackage file. As always, remember to backup first!

Instant Demo

Ready to be amazed? Click below to see the code and the generated editor. These samples target the Json.NET serializer; the only code that changes for protobuf-net/BinaryFormatter (or your own serializer) are the annotations.


public class DictionaryDemoBehavior : BaseBehavior {
  public Dictionary<string, GameObject> StringGameObject;

Interfaces and Abstract Types

public interface IInterface {

public class Implementation1 : IInterface {
    public int A;

public class Implementation2 : IInterface {
    public List<string> B;

public class InterfaceDemoBehavior : BaseBehavior {
    public IInterface MyInterface;


public struct Struct {
    public int A;
    public string B;

    public GameObject GameObject;
    public Transform TransformReference;
    public Collider ColliderReference;

public class StructDemoBehavior : BaseBehavior {
    public Struct MyStructValue;


public class MyGenericType<T> {
    public T Value;

public class GenericTypeDemoBehavior : BaseBehavior {
    public MyGenericType<bool> GenericBool;
    public MyGenericType<float> GenericFloat;

Lists and Arrays

public class ListDemoBehavior : BaseBehavior {
    public List<int> Ints;
    public float[] Floats;
    public List<GameObject> GameObjects;


public class PropertiesDemoBehavior : BaseBehavior {
    public int MyProperty { get; private set; }

Comments, Tooltips, and Margins

public class TooltipsAndCommentsDemoBehavior : BaseBehavior {
    [InspectorComment("This is a comment")]
    public int Comment;

    [InspectorTooltip("This has a tooltip")]
    public int Tooltip;

    public int FarDown;

    public int NotVisibleInInspector;

Quick Start / Guidelines

These are a couple of guidelines to keep in mind when using Full Inspector. Don't worry, they're simple and not intrusive.

  • Derive from BaseBehavior, not MonoBehaviour
  • If you override Awake, immediately call base.Awake()
  • If you would have previously added [Serializable] to a type, then you may need to add Full Serializer, Json.NET / protobuf-net / BinaryFormatter annotations to it, if that serializer requires annotations. With Full Serializer and BinaryFormatter, the annotaitons you use don't need to change.

And of course, there is much more documentation with the guide


The forum topic can be found here.

If you have found a bug or general issue, please report it here.

For email support, please click here.


There is no setup! Simply install from the asset store and you're good to go.


The full guide to using Full Inspector is freely available here.